The Bad Plus @ MIM Theatre

The Bad Plus are my long-running favorite jazz band. I’ve been seeing them for about 15 years and have always been captivated by their music. Last year they had their first lineup change with new pianist Orrin Evans. They are touring in support of their latest release “Never Stop II”, an excellent album.

On February 12th, they found their way back to the beautiful MIM Theater, a room that discerning musicians love for its impeccable sound.


Best of Concert Photography

I’ve been very fortunate to have covered many of my favorite bands and musicians over the years.  It started with seeing photographers working concerts and being envious they were able capture the experience in a way that was uniquely their own, the way they saw it.  I was lucky enough to meet some of the right people and worked hard enough to be able to do this myself as a creative outlet.

The following is a small collection of some of my favorites.  Enjoy!