Phoenix Sky Harbor

I’ve been thinking about photographing downtown Phoenix at sunset from this location, the top of Terminal 4 parking garage, for a long time. Last night I finally made the time and was discouraged to see that this location is not good for what I was wanting. But I was able to salvage some pretty good photos of the airport.

Side note, if you have any suggestions of high perches from which to shoot downtown Phoenix, please let me know!


The Bad Plus @ MIM Theatre

The Bad Plus are my long-running favorite jazz band. I’ve been seeing them for about 15 years and have always been captivated by their music. Last year they had their first lineup change with new pianist Orrin Evans. They are touring in support of their latest release “Never Stop II”, an excellent album.

On February 12th, they found their way back to the beautiful MIM Theater, a room that discerning musicians love for its impeccable sound.